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SITE AREA: 132,938SM

GFA: 22,123 SM

HEIGHT: 13.5 M

KEYS: 113



Category: hospitality


Completion date: 2025

This project, nestled in the heart of Qixianling Hot Spring National Forest Park in Hainan's Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County, is a gem amidst the lush tropical rainforests. The site, blessed with stunning vistas and a year-round spring-like climate, offers a breathtaking view of the Qixianling mountain range. The design of the project spreads out from the central hotel structure, with guest rooms evenly aligned on either side of the main axis to capitalize on the spectacular mountain scenery. Using the varied terrain, the project's layout integrates key public spaces—such as a swimming pool, hot springs, a wedding lawn, and a bridge restaurant—along a central line. This creates a panoramic viewing corridor, further enhanced by water features and lush green belts that mimic the cascading layers of a terraced waterfall. The architectural design is inspired by ancient Chinese philosophical concepts of heaven being a circle and earth a square, harmony between heaven and earth, and unity between nature and humanity. It employs gentle, rounded lines and a minimalist approach to subtly merge the built environment with the natural setting, infusing the entire space with a sense of dynamism and fluidity. The architectural beauty extends outward, crafting unique spatial experiences that resonate with the elegance of Eastern aesthetics. Set in this rare tropical rainforest, the project stands out with its master plan that offers guest privacy while connecting them with nature, its sleek and minimalist design, and an air of refined elegance. It harmoniously blends with the surrounding sky and valley, creating a peaceful, distinctive rainforest landscape that resembles a tranquil and picturesque painting.

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